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The Yule Book Flood

I’ve written before about the Christmas traditions that stretch back to the Norse festival of Jól (Yule) and the downright scary Christmas demons like Krampus who haunt the Alpine regions. Iceland’s traditions are no less weird and wonderful. As readers will know, the main character of The Whale Road Chronicles, my series of historical novels set in the Viking age, is Einar Unnsson, an Icelander. Iceland has many Christmas– or Jól (Yule)- traditions. These range from the downright frightening, like the child-eating trolls Gryla and her lazy husband Leppaludi, or their monstrous Yule Cat (who makes an appearance in the Christmas Chronicles 2), to the irritating Yule Lads who come down from the mountains to deliver presents to good children while at the same time creating minor harassments like stealing milk, slamming doors or licking spoons.  The Yule Cat in Christmas Chronicles 2 Perhaps Iceland’s greatest tradition however, is a relatively modern one, the Jólabókaflóð.  This “Yule Boo

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