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The Bear's Blade - Out on April 7!

Einar, son of Thorfinn the skull cleaver, sets sail on his 5th adventure on April 7. The e-book of The Bear's Blade will be available from all the usual outlets form that day, with the paperback edition to follow in July. Einar must take back control of his destiny in this thrilling Viking adventure. How do you defeat the undefeatable? 935 AD, Norway. Recovering from horrendous injuries, Einar finds himself unable to fight. He is not strong enough to defeat his rival, Eirik, who has seized Orkney despite Einar being the rightful Jarl. Eirik's men soon raid the Norwegian coast, led by a warrior called the Bear. Cruel and ferocious, the Bear possesses a legendary blade – one that gives him a skill in battle that cannot be matched. Such an extraordinary sword could be key to Einar's plans – but first he and the Wolf Coats must contend with the Bear himself. Caught between old foes and new ones, Einar must use all his wits to survive. But is a man who cannot wield a sword capab

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