Portrush Heritage Society talk

The good folks at Portrush Heritage Society invited me to speak at their last meeting. It was a tremendous evening which I thoroughly enjoyed. It was great to meet a bunch of people who are so passionate about preserving the fragile archaeological, historical and cultural heritage of the north coast and who stand by their convictions, sometimes in the face of short term commercial interests.
As well as me, Alex Blair delivered an fascinating talk on local dialect and the influences of Gaelic, Scots and Elizabethan English on the words, idioms, pronunciation and cadences of the version of English that Ulster people speak today. Also there was the new Mayor, who turned out to be both a "Knight" and a "McQuillan" so she could not have been a more appropriate guest in light of the characters of my book Lions of the Grail.

Here are some pictures of the evening and the write up from the Coleraine Chronicle. That's me on the right of the front row


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